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The Church of Ireland Young Men’s Society or “C.I.” as it is commonly known in sporting circles is one of the oldest and most important sporting and leisure organisations in Belfast. Located in spacious grounds at Circular Road, Belmont, it provides a range of sporting, leisure and social activities for all ages unequalled by any other sports and leisure organisation in the city. There are currently 1,600 members of which 800 are children and young adults (under the age of 18).


As the name implies, “C.I.” was originally formed to cater for young men belonging to the Church of Ireland. This important link is retained but the organisation has now widened its scope and embraces those of all religious persuasions and female members have, for a long time, played a very important role in all aspects of “C.I.” life.


“C.I.” emphasizes sporting, leisure and social activity. Adult members need never therefore be at a loss for something to do since the various sections and clubs, in addition to their principal sporting and leisure activities, organise a wide range of social events such as barbeques, treasure hunts, musical evenings and quizzes throughout the year. As well as these many and varied activities, relaxation and a bit of ‘craic’ can be found any evening in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Members Room.


“C.I.” has had a long and distinguished past and, following significant investment in the outdoor facilities and our new pavilion opened a few years ago, is well placed to look forward with confidence to the future.

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The links below will take you to the respective external websites of the CI Clubs and Sections.  If you would like more information about any of the clubs or sections please contact them directly using the contact details on their websites or by using our contact form below.

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